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November 2015 Update

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FPAC September 2015 Newsletter

Calling All Good Food Businesses!

Is your business going above and beyond to provide healthy, local, sustainable, and fair food to your customers? If so, FPAC wants to hear from you! Please take 10-15 minutes to complete our Good Food Catering Survey to share how you are including health and sustainability in your menus, or fairness and equity in your business. The survey is open until November 20 and FPAC supporters are encouraged to share it widely.

Volunteers Needed: Waste Watchers at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon

Last year Philadelphia Marathon ‪Waste Watchers‬ volunteers diverted 6.86 tons of recycling and 2.79 tons of compost from the landfill and had 1 ton of fun. Want to help make this year’s run the greenest yet? Sign up to volunteer now.

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Subcommittee Updates


The subcommittee is finalizing hard copies of its Philly Food Finder resource guide and developing outreach materials. Anti-Hunger is also exploring options for long-term maintenance and bug fixes to If you know a civic-minded developer who’s willing to donate their time, let us know!

At its October meeting the subcommittee reflected on its accomplishments and began goal setting for the next year. Among the ideas explored were analyzing the distribution of neighborhood food resources, facilitating the development of statewide food resource guides, and supporting county assistance offices.

Chair: Steveanna Wynn

Good Food Procurement

Local Food Procurement is now Good Food Procurement! The subcommittee’s name change reflects its commitment to procurement policies that prioritize food that is not only local, but also healthy, fair, and sustainable.

The subcommittee has finalized theGood Food Catering Survey and is now working on distributing it. The survey asks businesses to reflect on what they’re doing to include health and sustainability in their menus, or fairness and equity in their business practices. The subcommittee will use the information gathered from the survey to identify businesses to promote as good food caterers to city departments. The next meeting is being scheduled for early December and will also include planning for additional outreach to City departments and a review of procurement policies in other jurisdictions.

Chair: Amanda Wagner.

Urban Agriculture

Vacant Land has changed its name to Urban Agriculture, to reflect its focus on supporting safe food production on urban land.

At the October 2015 general meeting, FPAC members voted to approve the subcommittee’s Soil Safety and Urban Gardening in Philadelphia report. The report presents research on soil safety practices and recommendations to the City of Philadelphia for supporting urban agriculture projects.

In response to the Philadelphia Land Bank’s recently-released 2015 Progress Report & Strategic Plan Update, the Urban Agriculture Subcommittee drafted testimony which was approved by FPAC members and presented at the Land Bank’s public hearing last week. If you missed the hearing, the testimony is available here.

Co-Chairs: Nicole Hostettler and Ash Richards

Zero Waste

At FPAC’s October 2015 general meeting, members voted to approve the subcommittee’s Zero Waste Recommendations within the Zero Waste Report. The subcommittee is working on incorporating members’ feedback into the report.

Subcommittee Chair Linda Knapp presented the findings of the report to the University of Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Planning Committee. Linda also presented on October 20 to the Organics Subcommittee of Streets Department’s Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Committee.

Chair: Linda Knapp

Communications & Outreach

Communications & Outreach would like to thank everyone who took FPAC’s Accessibility Survey! We received dozens of responses and a lot of thoughtful feedback. Subcommittee members will review the responses and report back to FPAC members and co-chairs.

The subcommittee is excited to present a Member Media Training workshop at the December general meeting. Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s Alan Jaffe and Green Philly Blog’s Julie Hancher will join FPAC members for a discussion of how to work effectively with both traditional and social media.

Chair: Madeline Smith-Gibbs

Governance & Membership

Governance & Membership has received many excellent nominations for new FPAC members, and is looking forward to presenting a slate of nominees at the December general meeting.

The subcommittee is also reviewing changes to FPAC’s bylaws to make them permanent in anticipation of the mayoral administration change, to clarify rules of operation, and to make some changes to meeting structure.

Feedback from October’s general meeting suggested that the proposed transition to monthly meetings would be a time burden on members, regardless of the attendance policy, so the subcommittee is developing an alternative proposal. A draft of the revised bylaws will be distributed by Monday, 11/23.

Chair: Alison Hastings

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