Philadelphia FPAC

Carolina Torres Toledo

Carolina Torres Toledo is the Office Manager and Program Assistant of Juntos, based in South
Philadelphia. Juntos is an education and immigration non profit dedicated to human rights in the
latinx community in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. She works in social and racial justice
nationally through the organization Mijente.Carolina was born in the farm region of Maule, Chile
learning about sustainable food systems from her family’s farm and vineyard. She has learned
to embrace her mapuche heritage and called from her ancestors for understanding of the earth.
While studying at Drexel’s Lebow College of Business began to work in wine and beverage
distribution globally and learned to recognize the importance of the food industry to economic
development in cities. Since starting her work as an immigrant rights advocate three years ago
she has interacted with direct violations of human rights and labor laws in deregulated industries
Pennsylvania. For Carolina it is vital that immigrants are educated on their rights, in their native
language, in the workplace, especially kitchens, as many restaurants in the city are owned or
staffed by immigrants. Through her work at Juntos has interacted with how these workplace
violations affect family life and economic stability. At her time at FPAC she hopes to impact
immigrant communities affected by workplace violations and increase their ability to engage in
workplace development.