Philadelphia FPAC

Ernesto Velázquez

Ernesto VelazquezErnesto Velázquez has a passion for sustainability that comes from a keen awareness of the finite nature of resources and the need to conserve and distribute those resources equitably. Through graduate coursework and independent research in sustainability and environmental management, he understands the complexity and enormity of the current climate crisis and the need for action. As the Environmental Columnist for FunTimes Magazine, which celebrates the African Diaspora, he educates the public on a variety of topics regarding climate change and its impact on the ecosystem and society. In his current position in human services management, he has implemented and operationalized “green” practices. He is currently engaged in establishing a pilot project (UrbanAgProject) partially funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, to increase engagement for people with disabilities in the practice of urban agriculture as a strategy to address food security among vulnerable populations. He believes his diverse professional and educational experience is a strength that will enable him to contribute to the mission of FPAC.