Philadelphia FPAC

Lisa Quattlebaum

A native Philadelphian, Lisa has recently returned to her hometown after over a decade living and working in Asia and most of her adulthood in New England and New York. Since being abroad, her passion for intersectional sustainability has only grown stronger. As the founder of The Little School Project and The Homesteadista, she has married her professional expertise as an educator and education consultant with her commitment to providing equitable, affordable, culturally-responsive, quality curriculums and social programs that fill academic and wellness gaps, especially for underserved and marginalized groups (women, girls, people of color and economically-challenged families) and their communities. She is a quick-witted activist, passionate mom, soulful entrepreneur, artist, expat, homeschool aficionado, city girl and sustainability advocate. She is a versatile and energetic “Project Girl” and she gravitates to as well as designs programs and projects which provide inspired nudges, easy-to-implement and powerful heart-centered action plans that are rooted in achieving authentic and long-lasting results for the mind, body, home, work, school, and family.

As founder, 4.0School Fellow, a presenter at the 2017 NAIS POCC (diversity and inclusion within education), former ACAMIS Co-chair, school board and committee member, her initiative, ingenuity, advocacy, hands-on approach and understanding at bringing a vision to practice have become fine-tuned strengths. She possesses a diplomatic but decisive manner; high sense of confidentiality, and willingness to set and enforce appropriate boundaries. 
She is excited about serving as board member and contributing to her hometown’s initiatives to create healthy, equitable and comprehensive pathways and food systems.