Philadelphia FPAC

Rickie Brawer

Rickie Brawer PhD, MPH, MCHES is Co- Director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Center for Urban Health and Assistant Professor in Jefferson Medical College’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. She has spent more than two decades practicing public health in the Philadelphia area primarily through relationships with community based organizations and serving on a variety of health related taskforces that create change through collaboration efforts. As Co-Director of Jefferson Hospital’s Center for Urban Health, she supports Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s commitment to improve the health of the community through community health assessment and planning, health promotion and education, advocacy and research.

As Co-Director of Jefferson Medical College’s College Within the College-Population Health Program and the JEFF MD Scholarly Inquiry Population Health Tract, Dr. Brawer has been instrumental in integrating public health content, including a focus on the social determinants of health, into core medical school curriculum.  She also teaches in the MPH program at Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health. Her research interests include obesity (food access and built environment), health literacy, Medical Legal Partnerships, and chronic disease prevention/management.