Philadelphia FPAC

Sonia Galiber

Sonia GaliberSonia Galiber began growing roots in Philadelphia nearly 10 years ago. She came to urban farming as the most tangibly community changing work after cycling through a range of political work. Sonia worked at Urban Creators, an urban farming grassroots non-profit based in North Central Philly, as Director of Operations for four growing seasons. During her time there, she was introduced to Soil Generation, a coalition of Black & Brown farms and farmers in Philadelphia. As a member of Soil Generation, Sonia contributes through the Policy Working Group, connecting with people on a city, state, and national level with organizations such as the HEAL Food Alliance. The Policy Working Group aims to uplift the voices of Black & Brown growers in food, environmental, and land policy matters, push or abolish existing barriers preventing our communities from growing food and accessing land, and hold our institutions accountable. The Policy Working Group is currently working alongside Parks & Rec and Interface Studios to build the city’s first ever Urban Agriculture Strategic Plan. Currently, Sonia continues to organize with Soil Generation, is a maker of hot sauces & herbal remedies, and is starting up a family herb farm business in Maryland! She feels deep love for this work in being able to honor her parents and her ancestors.