Philadelphia FPAC

Community Visioning Process

Strategic Planning to Center Equity

Why Now? 

FPAC started in 2011 and has made much progress since then.  Yet there is more to be done to ensure that FPAC membership and operations are even more inclusive, built on a foundational commitment to racial and economic justice, and address structural and institutional racism. An Equity Working group comprised of leaders within FPAC who are people of color drafted a shared vision which members started vetting in the spring.  As FPAC plans for long term effectiveness and funding sustainability, the time is right to ensure there is a clear community-centered vision and strategic plan for getting there.  

Scope of Work 

  • Phase 1 (Community Vision Process) (current phase – led by Strategy Arts, a strategic planning firm with a specialty in equitable community engagement) 
  • Phase 2 (Strategic Plan) – to be bid out Winter/Spring 2020

Phase 1 Overview

Develop an equity and community centered vision and set of principles, while building off the vision developed by the FPAC Equity Working Group.  The process will begin with a thorough research phase that aims to involve as many voices as possible. The findings of the research will be made available to the entire team and used as a tool during the Community Conversation sessions where we will align FPAC’s vision with the community’s needs and ideas.

Phase 1 Components

  • Background review
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Individual and organizational interviews
  • Community conversations

Phase 1 Deliverables

  • A clearly defined and validated shared vision 
  • A vote by FPAC appointed and ex-officio members on the shared vision so it can be used as a basis for strategic planning in Phase 2