Philadelphia FPAC

Dimka Braswell

Dimka BraswellDimka Braswell is an owner of R and B Farms, a small integrated hydroponic, no-till farm, and a displaced urban farmer. Dimka worked at The Food Trust as a farmer’s market manager in Camden, doing reconciliation of the “Food Bucks” program. Dimka is working towards becoming the USDA/Farm Services representative for Philadelphia county and a member of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Dimka has been an advocate for urban agriculture, workforce development through urban agriculture, and STEM education in Harrisburg and with other PA agriculture entities for the last 3 years. Dimka is known for getting information, financing, and policy to Black, Brown and Immigrant farmers here in Philadelphia. Dimka brings to FPAC the wisdom of being a business owner who was unable to open their agriculture businesses and purchase land to buy a farm in Philadelphia because of land politics, failed policy, displacement, gentrification and a serious lack of involvement or acknowledgement from City Council. She looks forward to serving on FPAC and effecting policy change that leads to more Black, Brown and Immigrant farmers owning land and agricultural businesses in Philadelphia.