Philadelphia FPAC

Donkey Dover, Jr.

DoverDonkey Dover, Jr is a farmer and program manager for the Agaston Urban Nutrition Initiative, and has been working for Food Justice with youth in West Philadelphia since 2010. Donkey is active in the food movement nationally through the Rooted in Community conference and regionally with partners including Chesapeake Bay Foundation and East New York Farms. Donkey is a member of Young Involved Philadelphia and Teacher Action group, and sits on multiple advisory boards, including the Raven Society of the Free Library of Philadelphia. Since graduating from Appalachian State University, Donkey has worked for the NYPD collecting evidence at the World Trade Center site and completed a 4-month National Geographic expedition in a rowboat. Donkey is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of the farm, Donkey spends free time riding bikes, sailing tall ships, performing karaoke, and practicing acrobatics at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.