Philadelphia FPAC

Greg McKinley

A graduate of San Diego State University, Greg McKinley has more than 26 years of experience in community outreach, government relations, strategic planning, and creating community organizations and governance structures. Greg is currently affiliated with Diversified Consulting Solutions of Glorybound Enterprises, LLC, through which he is a training coordinator and field manager working for organizations serving and directly with mentally-challenged adults, pre- and post-adjudicated persons, and individuals in drug and alcohol recovery.  He works with Men United for a Better Philadelphia and Neighbors for a Better Community. Greg is also a Board member of the Supports of Our Community Civic Association CDC and Southwest Philadelphia CDC.  He was previously a Board member of the Philadelphia chapter of Habitat for Humanity. In 1995, Greg co-founded Men of Works, a group of men with extensive experience in various trades and professional skills. Members have collaborated on projects to improve homes owned by low-income and senior residents. In 1996, he was a part of the founding of City Lights, an organization that brings urban and suburban community service organizations together through the Wayne Presbyterian Church. Over the last few years, Greg has worked as a volunteer or a consultant on various health and food system projects, including the Public Health Department’s STEPS to a Healthier US/Philadelphia and Philadelphia Urban Food & Fitness Alliance (PUFFA). He has also served on advisory committees associated with major city-wide legislation, specifically the Menu-Labeling Law (passed in 2008) and the Trans Fat Ban (passed in 2007). In addition to his community development work, Greg is a cabinetmaker and restorer of antiques.