Philadelphia FPAC

Jacquelyn Saez

Jackie Saez

Jacquelyn Saez, is the Program Manager of Sunday Suppers, a Philadelphia nonprofit focused on strengthening the health and wellbeing of families through the transformative power of family meals, nutrition education, wellness workshops and cooking classes. Jackie was born and raised in Kensington in a single parent household with her mom working multiple jobs.  From a young age, Jackie took on many responsibilities including preparing meals with limited resources.  While studying Public Health at Temple University, Jackie

learned about the inextricable link between diet, nutrition education and food access, and health disparities in low-income places locally and globally. This knowledge catalyzed her decision to become a health educator focusing on centering the cultural traditions and lived experiences of herself and her community. Jackie has also worked with both youth and adults on parenting education, sexual and reproductive health, drug and alcohol prevention and nutritional education that focused on the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shown us more now than ever that our community is built for survival and can overcome/ adapt to the many obstacles that are presented to them daily. During this time, it is her mission to provide her community with the resources/skills they need to feed themselves and engage in a healthier lifestyle. Serving on FPAC will allow her to amplify the voices of her community members and advise policies that promote healing through food and eliminate barriers that prevent communities from living a healthier lifestyle.