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Jimmy Wilson

Jessica “Jimmy” Wilson is currently the Strategic Marketing Manager for Drexel University’s Center for Hospitality & Sport Management. She previously held a similar position at Central Carolina Culinary Institute (CCCI) in Chapel Hill, NC, and both the Marketing and Nutrition Program Director positions for the Bauman College in Sonoma County, CA. She also has experience teaching at both educational facilities.

Jimmy specializes in therapeutic application and culinary technique and has devoted both her personal and professional energy to developing healthful sustainable food practices. Jimmy earned a pre-law degree from Penn State University, a Nutrition Consultation Certificate, and an Associates degree in Culinary Arts. She completed a stage in Rome, Italy where she built the foundations of her culinary profile. She later returned to Parma, Italy to study gastronomic science, with a focus on heritable and learned patterns of taste.

Jimmy is deeply committed to a holistic approach to consumption and uses her more than ten years of experience in communications to advocate for good-food-for-all. She is well-versed in the intricacies of the concept of food-as-medicine and emphasizes healthful, sustainable, local, organic and fair food practices.