Philadelphia FPAC

Philly Food Finder

UPDATE: Check out the 2018 Philly Food Finder PDFs! Each Guide is organized by City Council District. Spanish translations coming soon!

In September 2014, FPAC’s Anti-Hunger Subcommittee partnered with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and Hack4Impact to develop an interactive, online version of the food resources toolkits. Hack4Impact is a University of Pennsylvania student group doing in-kind web development for nonprofit organizations. A small team of students spent five months creating, which offers online access to a comprehensive map of food resources that is searchable by address.

Through Philly Food Finder, Philadelphians can:

  1. Search for all needs in one place
    The toolkit serves as a way to bring resources together in one comprehensive location.
  2. View information on-the-go
    The website can be accessed on cellphones and in different browsers.  It can be useful for providers during a local health fair or for a community member assisting their neighbor.
  3. Move beyond immediate food assistance
    The website provides detailed information on applying for SNAP and other nutrition assistance programs that help low-income families buy food at the grocery store.
  4. Add and update resources
    Food providers can submit a simple form to add a new resource to the map or update an existing resource.

Using data gathered from the traffic to this website, the subcommittee will compare where resources are located with the need. This will help policymakers make more informed decisions about food policy and influence long-term, systemic change in our food system.