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FPAC Manager

Erica Mines is the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council Manager at the Office of Sustainability. She is a North Philadelphia native-born in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city. She brings her experiences growing food at the Hunting Park Community Garden, working in the food industry and managing the Hunting Park Farmer’s Market. Erica has been a community organizer in our city’s fights for racial and economic justice. She has helped to advance food equity in the city she has called home since a child.

Erica is from a working-class family that sometimes had to rely on subsidy programs. She saw first-hand how racist and unjust policies led to less fresh and sustainable food options, criminalization, disinvestment, and marginalization in her community.

She came to FPAC to help build a more empowered, sustainable, and just food system. Erica believes we must approach access to fresh, quality, and sustainable foods as a basic human right. We must put power, education, and resources into the hands of Black and Brown community members historically harmed by our food system