Philadelphia FPAC


While FPAC is not an advocacy or policy-making body, FPAC does offer support for projects and legislation through testimony. When an issue or bill arises that FPAC members want to support or comment on, an FPAC member takes the lead in drafting testimony. FPAC members discuss and approve draft testimony through a vote. If passed, FPAC submits written testimony signed by the author and the appointed co-chair, and an FPAC member volunteers to testify in person at the appropriate hearing. Below is a collection of FPAC testimony.


Fair Workweek Legislation
Produce Sidewalk Sales
Sodium Warning Labels on Chain Restaurant Menus
Milan Urban Food Policy Pact


Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative
Adopting a Zero Waste Goal for the City of Philadelphia
U.S. Agricultural Systems for Sustainable Production Stakeholder Listening Session 
Land Bank Draft Strategic Plan and Disposition & Acquisition Policies


Cooperative Development
Green Procurement
Grocery Store Restrictive Covenants
FPAC Letter of Support for Penn State Extension
Stormwater Fee Exemptions for Gardens
Urban Agriculture


Philadelphia Land Bank Public Hearing
Hoop Houses in Philadelphia Historic Districts


Philadelphia Land Bank – Resolution #140915
Philadelphia Land Bank Strategic Plan


Philadelphia Land Bank – Bill #130156


Zoning Amendments – Bills #120916 and #120917