Philadelphia FPAC

Amara OConnell

Amara O’Connell is the Director of Food Services for the Office of Homeless Services in the City of Philadelphia. Amara has worked in the Food Services Unit since 2019, participating in many different food access related initiatives. Amara helped in planning and implementing the Step Up to the Plate Campaign, specifically the Kensington Love Lot Site, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure those experiencing homelessness were able to still receive access to nutritious and delicious meals. Amara also manages many State and Federal food programs for the City in order to bring more funding and food product to Philadelphia to meet the needs of those struggling with food insecurity. Lastly, Amara was instrumental in beginning Philadelphia’s annual recognition of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, to bring light and awareness to food and housing related issues and successes in Philadelphia on a National scale. Amara has participated in FPAC since her start with OHS (2019) and has been an active member of the Anti-Hunger Subcommittee and Ex-Officio meetings since! She is committed to ensuring that everyone in Philadelphia has access to safe, nutritious, and delicious food.  In her free time, Amara loves to read (mostly mystery novels), listen to music (mostly boybands), and cook (mostly vegetarian meals)!