Philadelphia FPAC

Design Criteria

Successful design entries will be:

  • Rodent-proof.
  • In-vessel (fully enclosed).
  • Able to function outdoors year-round in Philadelphia climate.
  • Able to function without connection to the electrical grid.
  • Able to process urban food waste feedstock in a standard mix of “browns” and “greens.”
  • Able to collect leachate for removal, or other means for preventing leachate from entering potential storm water runoff.
  • 1-3 cubic yards with a reasonable footprint for an urban environment.
  • Durable and easily maintained. Easy to load and unload.
  • Appears clean and contained.
  • Replicable using materials that can be easily found in the Philadelphia region.
  • Emit little or no offensive odors.
  • Able to accept 50-500 lbs of food waste/week.
  • Able to process a full load of compost within three months, or as little time as possible. Extra points for quick processing.
  • Total cost of materials $500 or below. Extra points may be given to entries significantly under $500.
  • Extra points for processing animal protein within a reasonable time frame.
  • Extra points for use of sustainable materials.