Philadelphia FPAC

Appointed Members

FPAC is actively recruiting a new member slate for June 2023: Nominate yourself or someone else for appointment to FPAC! Appointed members serve voluntarily as individuals on the Council, rather than representatives of their affiliated organizations, for up to two three-year terms. The Mayor appoints members based on their knowledge and expertise in the regional food system. Appointed members often serve on FPAC subcommittees or working groups, contributing on average ten hours per month in volunteer time towards FPAC meetings, projects, testimony, and policy recommendations.

FPAC Appointed Members, December 2021

Consideration for appointment to FPAC is based on a nomination form that individuals complete on behalf of others or themselves. The Governance and Membership subcommittee reviews nominations periodically and makes selections to advance nominations based on the Council’s self-identified gaps in knowledge or expertise. Appointed members are required to attend general meetings to ensure FPAC meets quorum, and have the power to vote on Council action items.

Nominate yourself or someone else for appointment to FPAC!

Learn about each of FPAC’s current appointed members below.

Some of the Organizations in our Appointed Members’ Universe

Class of 2023

Nunera Amun
Dimka Braswell
Kurt Evans
Lu Gibson

Ashley Gripper
Kermit O
Katie Pfeil
Jacquelyn Saez

Class of 2022

Shayla Felton-Dorsey
Sonia Galiber
Amy Goldstein
Jonah Hudson

Ben Logue
Shania Morris

Isel Otero-Vera
Radha Pennotti
April Thomas-Jones
Ernesto Velázquez

Class of 2021

Ebony Griffin
Nidhi Krishen

Kamaryn Norris
Nicole Westrick

Class of 2020

Bridget Palombo
Kate Scully

Class of 2019

Rickie Brawer
Kelly Courts
Nancy Kohn
Jiana Murdic

FPAC Alumni

  • Kirtrina Baxter
  • Patricia Blakely
  • Joan Blaustein
  • Amy Laura Cahn
  • Saleem Chapman
  • Katrice Cheaton
  • Diane Cornman-Levy
  • Lan Dinh
  • Laquanda Dobson
  • Stephanie Dorenbosch
  • Donkey Dover
  • Noelle Dames
  • Nic Esposito
  • Bryan Fenstermaker
  • Nan Feyler
  • Jill Fink
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Katherine Gajewski
  • Alison Hastings
  • Mary Hortsmann
  • Ann Karlen
  • Esteban Kelly
  • Linda Knapp
  • Leanne Krueger-Braneky
  • Shiriki Kimanyika
  • Se Kwon
  • George Matysik
  • Jessica McAtamney
  • Tommy McCann
  • Tia McDonald
  • Greg McKinley 
  • Carey Morgan
  • Patrick Morgan
  • Lisa Mosca
  • Jessica Moore
  • Howard Neukrug
  • Taina Nikoloic
  • Herman Nyamunga
  • Calvin Okunoye
  • Anthony Ortiz
  • Angela Perez
  • Bob Pierson
  • Lisa Quattlebaum
  • Clint Randall
  • Palak Raval-Nelson
  • Viery Ricketts-Thomas
  • Fabricio Rodriguez
  • Barbara Schneider
  • Julianne Schrader-Ortega
  • Shontae Smarr
  • Devon Sundberg
  • Carolina Torres
  • Alan Urek        
  • Nicky Uy
  • Suzanne Weltman
  • Dwayne Wharton
  • Steveanna Wynn
  • Julie Zaebst