Philadelphia FPAC

Membership & Governance


The Membership & Governance Subcommittee establishes and oversees processes that govern the Council, and manages new member recruitment. The Council members established this subcommittee to guide them through the process of creating a functioning food policy council. Subcommittee members conducted research into other food policy council structures to inform their work. The subcommittee developed the Council’s bylaws, which keep the Council running smoothly. The subcommittee also drafted a set of values that defines how Council members will conduct themselves on the Council. The subcommittee also oversees the process for recruiting and selecting new members for appointment to FPAC.



The subcommittee solicits nominations year-round for appointment to FPAC. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to the Council, fill out a nomination form. FPAC welcomes new members in June and December each year, but will review the nomination pool and identify new members for appointment periodically depending on FPAC’s current membership needs.

Annual Membership Survey

The subcommittee oversees the distribution and analysis of an annual membership survey to gather feedback from FPAC participants. The survey helps FPAC improve its operations and processes, identifies expertise gaps in the members’ food systems knowledge and experience, and helps the subcommittee prioritize for member recruitment. The subcommittee releases the survey in the spring each year, and then reports back on the results in the summer.

The results are in! See here for the 2018 FPAC Annual Membership Survey results.


If you would like to join the subcommittee or attend a meeting, please get in touch with Chair Isel Otero-Vera.