Philadelphia FPAC

Who We Are

FPAC advises the Administration on how to be a better partner in the food system and represents a unique and successful collaboration between the Administration, food systems stakeholders, City employees, and Philadelphia residents.

Appointed members serve voluntarily as individuals on the Council, rather than representatives of their affiliated organizations, for up to two three-year terms. The Mayor appoints members based on their knowledge and expertise in the regional food system. Appointed members often serve on FPAC subcommittees or working groups, contributing on average ten hours per month in volunteer time towards FPAC meetings, projects, testimony, and policy recommendations. Consideration for appointment to FPAC is based on a nomination form that individuals complete on behalf of others or themselves. The Governance and Membership Subcommittee reviews nominations periodically and makes selections to advance nominations based on the Council’s self-identified gaps in knowledge or expertise. Appointed members are required to attend general meetings to ensure FPAC meets quorum, and have the power to vote on Council action items.

FPAC Appointed Members, December 2021

Ex-officio members serve as a function of their positions within City government to foster successful collaboration between FPAC appointed members and the City. They do not have the power to vote on Council action items, but they can and do occupy leadership roles in FPAC as subcommittee chairs. Membership can vary over time depending on FPAC’s subcommittees and priorities, but the City departments and agencies that participate most frequently include the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Philadelphia Water Department, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, and the Streets Department.

Subcommittee members serve as volunteers on the subcommittee level where much of FPAC’s policy recommendation and implementation work occurs. There are no requirements or formal processes involved in becoming a subcommittee member, since all of FPAC’s subcommittee meetings are open to the public and welcome new participants. However, most subcommittee members commit to attending monthly subcommittee meetings and completing project-related tasks between each meeting. Subcommittee membership therefore includes FPAC appointed and ex-officio members, as well as interested and engaged community members.

Staff members support the work of subcommittees, fundraise for FPAC, and coordinate the Council’s meetings and general operations. FPAC is currently supported by a full-time manager.