Philadelphia FPAC

Workforce & Economic Development

The Workforce & Economic Development Subcommittee guides the City of Philadelphia in developing and implementing policies and practices to build a stronger regional economy and just food system in which workers along the entire food chain enjoy quality jobs that provide economic stability and upward mobility.


The Workforce & Economic Development Subcommittee was born out of FPAC’s January 2016 Executive Session. Calvin Okunoye, FPAC member and organizer with the Restaurant Opportunities Center, presented a proposal for a subcommittee to support workers across the food chain.


Paid Sick Leave Infographic

Among Workforce & Economic Development’s first projects is making an infographic to explain Philadelphia’s “Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces” law, also known as the Paid Sick Leave law. Learn more about the law and view the infographics.

Fair Labor Guide
From 2017 to 2019, the Workforce and Economic Development subcommittee met jointly with Good Food Procurement Subcommittee to develop a manual, Guide to Fair Labor for Good Food Businesses, that assists local food industry employers in implementing fair labor practices, both those required by law and recommended by the industry. The manual contains trainings and resources for employers on health and safety, employee benefits, workforce development, and topics such as anti-sexual harassment and anti-oppression in the workplace. 

This project was an offshoot of the Good Food Caterer Guide, a resource that helps consumers find businesses offering food that meets at least two of the four ‘good food’ values: healthy, fair, sustainably-sourced, and locally-owned. “Fair” was one value that received many comments and questions from businesses.


In August 2021, the Good Food Procurement and Workforce and Economic Development Subcommittees combined to form the Good Food Economy working group. If you are interested in joining the Good Food Economy working group, please get in touch with co-chair Molly Riordan.